Super Mario Bros is a platformer game for the Famicom/NES.

Game Genie codesEdit

NES versionEdit

  • UR AN ASSHOLE, weird level
  • EKGAIS, cartoony graphics
  • GAYSUK, delay Mario's falling gravity when you walk off edges
  • KAGKAL, unbelievably fast goombas
  • KOYNAN, no sound when Mario jumps
  • LUGLUG, star dribbles in fixed position
  • NAPSIN, a fireball launch kills all enemies on screen
  • NEPELA, grayscale graphics
  • NLLNYY, weird music
  • NULTKA, all enemies are Toad.
  • PIGNAX, invisible Mario
  • PIGPOG, spawns random enemies and obstacles
  • STAGEO, all enemies throw hammers
  • VILLGI, Mario walks backwards
  • YEAAAA, a disco-like lite show and other glitch graphics
  • ALASKA, every item functions as a star
  • NEEDLE - Corrupts all graphics

Super Mario All Stars versionEdit

  • 008C1E:01, Enables debug mode. A turns you Super, X turns you into Fire Mario, and Select enables free-movement mode (allows you to move through pipes, bricks, etc.), doesn't make you safe from enemies though.

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